Feedback:User/Greener/PvE skills for the Doppelganger

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I would really like to see the Doppelganger use PvE only skills. If this boss is meant to be a clone, twin, or what-have-you of the character, shouldn't some of the essence of the character be duplicated? The boss already has the knowledge and skills of our character (and with level 12 attribute points across the board), so why exclude the PvE skills?

Additionally, this boss is already one of the easiest to beat, and therefore this mission is now the easiest to beat by using gimmicks. Sure, PvE skills aren't the only loophole, but they are a pretty big one that can be quite easily stopped.

The only two problems I foresee are:

  • The Doppelganger being more adept than we are with the skills (further along the title track)
  • The Doppelganger dealing with forms such as Ursan Blessing