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Dervishes are nearly useless in PvP. They have about 2 usable elites and 30 usable skills, compared to other classes with about 9/70 or more. This is a rediciulous imbalance that should be fixed. The below suggestions are intended to make dervishes actually useful on the level of core classes without imbalancing dervish secondaries. Bold skills are very important.


Vow of Strength: Remove need for foe having no condition. Scythe attacks only.


Arcane Zeal: 2 energy not one. No change to max.


For these to see pvp, they need to all have 5 energy, 1 cast, 5 recharge, 10...110...130 duration. Balance should be in their EFFECTS. The below changes assume the above changes to energy, etc.

Balthzar: +20 armor, not +40

Dwayna: Halve health gain.

Grenth (PvP): Scythe attacks only. You have -50 maximum health.

Lyssa: Scythe attack skills only.

Melandru: No maximum health increase.

Balthazar's Rage: 5 energy

Eremite's Zeal: If a DERVISH enchantment... nearby foes.

Extend Enchantments: DERVISH enchantments last 33% longer... no end effect.

Mystic Corruption: 1...17...20% longer

Mystic Vigor: 1...8...10 health

Pious Fury: Lose a DERVISH enchantment. 2..7.

Pious Renewal: 10 seconds. Whenever a DERVISH enchantment... 0...3...3 energy, 0...12..16 health

Scythe Mastery[edit]

Crippling Victory: 10 recharge

Lyssa's Assault: 5 energy, 12 recharge

Wind Prayers[edit]

Attacker's Insight: 1...4...5 SCYTHE attack skills cost 5 less energy.

Grenth's Aura:... 1...1...2 Enchantments

Grenth's Grasp: ... and your scythe attacks deal + 1...9...12 cold damage.

Guiding Hands: Your next 0...3...4 Scythe attack skills cannot be blocked.

Mystic Healing: Double Health gain. For each DERVISH enchantment (max 3)...

Onslaught: 25% speed, 33% attack while wielding a scythe.

Signet of Pious Restraint: ...if a DERVISH enchantment was removed, instant recharge and you are no longer crippled

Zealous Vow: 30 seconds... 1...9...12 energy every time you hit with a scythe attack skill.