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It's time this skill got its own PvE split. ShadowForm got one... Spirit Bond & Aegis got one... And also b/c it's time Dervs got thrown a bone: in the last update, Pious Concentration got nerfed in PvE with specific reference to parity with Mantra of Resolve (PvP) being cited as the reason ..and so was Dwayna's Touch.. and no real explanation at all was given for the nerf to Meditation. Why are the Devs so afraid of putting Dervs on the same footing in PvE as Monks, Eles, and SF'Sin's? Infact I'll make it easy on them with this suggestion that STILL doesn't put VoS on the same footing:

New Functionality:[edit]

Vow of Silence Vow of Silence, Energy5 10 Activation time0.25¼ Recharge time10
Elite Enchantment Spell. For 5...9...10 seconds, you cannot be the target of spells, and you cannot cast spells that target a Foe. All spells you cast on yourself cost 50% more energy. You lose all smiting enchantments currently on you

There... Still can't be healed by other Teammates. ...Can't maintain Balt's Spirit for free energy ...Still can't tank most HM mobs forever... still weak enough not to infringe on those Monk, Ele and Sin speed clears... Parity FTW, Right??