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This is the personal suggestion homepage for --ilrUser ilr deprav.png.
Ilr's been an active critic of game design and a "modder" since 1996, following RPG and RTS games most closely...
Including: Diablo 1 & 2, Quake, Starcraft, Warzone2100, Sacrifice, Mechwarior_2-4, WarcraftIII, CoH, & TF2.

Ilr's 2 most recent contributions to these games include:

  • CoH: The mechanic of a range Debuff inherent in all Taunts for PvP, and Global Resistance for "squishies"
  • TF2: Allowing Sappers to be knocked off of Teleporter Entrances by repairing the Exits
  • TF2: 3 second vulnerability cooldown on the Wrangler

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