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Throw Dirt Throw Dirt Skill. Target touched foe and foes adjacent to your target become Blinded for 2...8...10 seconds. 5 Energy1 Activation time20 Recharge time

  • Lowered the recharge and duration to make it more desirable to take along.

Beast Mastery[edit]

Heket's Rampage Heket's Rampage Stance. For 5...10...11 seconds, you attack 15...35...40% and move 5...13...15% faster. This Stance ends if you use an attack Skill. 5 Energy0 Activation time10 Recharge time.

  • Added increased movement speed but made it so that you really need to invest in Beast Mastery to make use of this skill.


Wilderness Survival[edit]

Dryder's Defenses Dryder's Defenses Stance. For 5...10...11 seconds, you have 75% chance to block attacks and gain 20...36...40 armor against elemental damage. 10 Energy0 Activation time30 Recharge time

It currently has a way too high recharge to be usable. Tweaked the numbers a bit to make it more attractive.

No Attribute[edit]