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Defy Pain Defy Pain Elite Skill. For 15 seconds you have an additional 90...258...300 Health, an additional 20 armor, take -1...8...10 less damage, and you cannot be crippled. 5 Energy0 Activation time25 Recharge time

Defy Pain being maintainable is just a bad idea, I've changed it to an energy skill with a set recharge. It makes the user now also immume to cripple. This makes it pretty viable for Warrior's to split.

Burst of Aggression Burst of Aggression Stance. You gain 0...2...2 Adrenaline. For 2...4...5 seconds, you attack 33% faster. When this stance ends, you lose all adrenaline. 5 Energy0 Activation time8 Recharge time

Power Attack Power Attack Melee Attack. If this attack hits, you strike for +10...34...40 damage. 5 Energy0 Activation time5 Recharge time

Protector's Strike Protector's Strike Melee Attack. If this attack strikes a moving foe, you strike for 10...34...40 more damage. 5 Energy½ Activation time5 Recharge time

I've set the recharge from these 2 skills to 5 seconds, making them less spammable when combined with skills that give endless amounts of energy.


Gladiator's Defense Gladiator's Defense Elite Stance. For 5 seconds, the next 0...2...3 attacks are blocked and adjacent foes take 10...22...25 damage each time you block. 5 Energy0 Activation time15 Recharge time

I changed this to a 100% pure blocking skill which can be used both defensively aswell as offensive when being bodyblocked.

Magehunter Strike Magehunter Strike Elite Melee Attack. Interupt target foe. if a skill was interrupted, you strike for +5...17...20 damage. If your target is under the effects of an Enchantment, this attack cannot be blocked. 5 Energy½ Activation time10 Recharge time

Moved to Tactics line to make Warrior's invest more into Tactics. Added a interupt ability to it aswell to make it more interesting.

Distracting Strike Distracting Strike Melee Attack. Target foe is interrupted. If that action was a skill, that skill is disabled for 1...8...10 seconds. 5 Energy½ Activation time12 Recharge time

I moved this to Tactics to have another reason to invest in Tactics since this can be a strong interupt.

"None Shall Pass!" "None Shall Pass!" Shout. All nearby foes that are moving are knocked down. 10 Energy0 Activation time30 Recharge time

"Retreat!" "Retreat!" Shout. Every party member within earshot moves 33% faster for 2...8...10 seconds. Ends when you use a skill or hit with an attack. 5 Energy0 Activation time20 Recharge time

Changed Retreat to an actual retreat shout, to make it less abusable it ends on attack and skill. Lowered recharge on None Shall Pass to have more field control, I kept the energy cost at 10 since it's pretty powerful.

Axe Mastery[edit]

Dismember Dismember Axe Attack. If it hits, this axe blow will inflict a Deep Wound on the target foe, lowering that foe's maximum Health by 20% for 5...17...20 seconds. 6 Adrenaline0 Activation time0 Recharge time

Dismember is a fast charging deep wound attack. I increased the adrenaline cost by 1.

Hammer Mastery[edit]

Enraged Smash Enraged Smash Elite Hammer Attack. If Enraged Smash hits, you gain 0...2...3 strikes of adrenaline. If you hit a moving foe, you strike for +5...25...30 damage, and your target is knocked down. 5 Energy0 Activation time8 Recharge time

Forceful Blow Forceful Blow Elite Hammer Attack. If Forceful Blow hits, you strike for +10...34...40 damage and your target is Weakened for 5...17...20 seconds. If it is blocked, you and target foe are knocked down. 5 Adrenaline0 Activation time0 Recharge time

Enraged Smash is pretty abusable by non-primary Warrior's, I tweaked the numbers a bit and increased the recharge to 8 to balance it. Forceful blow is an elite hammer skill for only extra damage and weakness, the downside was that you would get knocked down if it was blocked, I changed it that target foe will also be knocked down if it is blocked.


Final Thrust Final Thrust Sword Attack. Lose all adrenaline. If Final Thrust hits, you deal 1...28...35 more damage. This damage is doubled if your target was below 50% Health. 8 Adrenaline0 Activation time0 Recharge time

Galrath Slash Galrath Slash Silverwing Slash Silverwing Slash Sword Attack. This attack strikes for +1...24...30 damage if it hits. 6 Adrenaline0 Activation time0 Recharge time

Standing Slash Standing Slash Sword Attack. If it hits, Standing Slash deals +5...13...15 damage plus an additional 5...13...15 damage if target foe is not moving. 5 Adrenaline0 Activation time0 Recharge time

I changed the adrenaline cost a bit from these skills since they were quite expensive compared to what Axe Mastery does. Since Swordsmanship isn't really a damage Attribute I lowered the damage a bit, but keeping at viable numbers.

Hamstring Hamstring Sword Attack. If this attack hits, your target is Crippled for 2...7...8 seconds, slowing his movement. 6 Adrenaline0 Activation time0 Recharge time

Hamstring is currently quite expensive for a Warrior to use. I changed it to an adrenline skill to see more usage, but I lowered the duration by about 50%.

Sever Artery Sever Artery Sword Attack. If this attack hits, the opponent begins Bleeding for 5...21...25 seconds. If target foe was already suffering from Bleeding, you strike for an additional 5...11...12 damage. 4 Adrenaline0 Activation time0 Recharge time

This skill only caused target foe to start bleeding, I added the minor damage if target foe was already suffering from bleeding.

No Attribute[edit]

None at the moment.