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So far i think the dervish update realy made the dervish fun to play with however there are 3 skills that i think their a bit imbalanced(notice the A BIT).

Aura of Holy Might[edit]

Aura of Holy Might Aura of Holy Might 10 Energy¾ Activation time30 Recharge time Enchantment Spell. (45 seconds.) Whenever you lose a Dervish enchantment, adjacent foes take 20...32...35 holy damage.

as i said before i think the current skill is a bit weak since Zealous Renewel and Banishing Strike does about the same amount of holy dmg its a bit underpowered therefore i think increasing the dmg it does will make it better =).

Radiant Scythe[edit]

Radiant Scythe Radiant Scythe 5 Adrenaline Scythe Attack. Deals +1 damage (maximum 5...25...30) for each point of Energy you have. Gain 1...6...7 Energy.

The only problem i found with this skill is that 6 Adrenal cost is a bit high therefore i think that lowering the cost from 6 to 5 will make it more viable and a bit more easier to use.

Balthazar's Rage[edit]

Balthazar's Rage Balthazar's Rage 10 Energy10 Recharge time Flash Enchantment Spell. (20 seconds.) Initial Effect: Inflicts burning (1...3...3 seconds) on nearby foes. End effect: gain 1...3...3 strikes of adrenaline if any foes are within earshot.

This skill is realy good, only problem with it is that in my opinion 2 Adrenal gain is a bit small when most of the dervish skills require 5 adrenal and above(only 2 skills require 4 adrenal and 1 of them is a stance). so upping its adrenal gain from 2 to 3 will make it easier to use adrenal skills faster and will make energy management a bit more easier.