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TGENP: The Great Elite Niche Project[edit]

The TGENP is a set of skill suggestions intended to support and create new build possibilities through unused Elite skills, rather than to obtain balance within the existing environment. For an explanation of the TGENP and its underlying design goals, please see my main user page.

This is a pilot page. The content here is not intended to be final, but rather, to serve as a stepping stone for additional content. This note will be removed when the content is presented as intended.

Ranger (Main) - Design Notes[edit]

What makes the ranger strong in PvP is much less useful in PvE. Monsters are not normally 'pressured out' by spreading lasting degen. PvE players are rarely interested in attempting to control battlefield positioning through the use of movement speed debuffs like crippled. Well-timed single interrupts are unimportant when you can just make your party invincible and stack damage buffs up the wazoo. Pets have never felt like they were in the right place for both PvE and PvP. (Let's get Ranger-ous: Incomplete still.)

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