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In Nightfall, most missions require at least one person to bring a specific hero. Most of the time, no one wants to bring those heroes. They either want another (better) hero or another human party member. One time, when my guild was doing the Dasha Vestibule Zaishen quest, we were forced to kick one of our guildies in order to bring Margrid. Not only would this guildie have been far more useful than Margrid, but everyone felt bad at having to exclude him. We're a very tight-knit guild, you see, and everyone is friends with everyone else.

To fix this, you should should do what you did with Eye of the North missions. Have the heroes magically appear whenever they're needed (like during cutscenes,) or have them follow the party as allies (not party members!) Oh, and if you make them allies, make them automatically resurrect once everything in their aggro radius is dead/gone, like they do in Eye of the North. No one wants to have to protect them like they do Mhenlo and Togo in Factions.