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FA is Unbalance. 2 healers on the kurzick stop the luxon. And if the luxon have too much support they can't penetrate. It needs a new objective. Have it where there are 2 bases up to two parties an attacking and 1 defense for both party. Let them pick what side attack or defend. Have it where the mines span amber or jade depending on who controls it. Have it on whoever kills the other commander first. Similar to GvG. have it where the Turtles and the Juggernauts invade the base. or have it where Gate has its own hit points set to 1,000 and they can't be heal but repaired for 200 heath if they are repaired by Amber to either gate keeper or the gate lock. It also take 1 amber to get a gate that is breach to full hit points it grows in hit points starting at 200 has Heath regeneration and stops when it has given 1,000 points of heath. The Npc if the have died are respawned.