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In the beginning, there were the Core professions. Their roles were defined and most players agree that things were relatively good. My goal when dealing with the Core professions was largely to restore them to their respective statuses at that point in time.
Please also keep in mind that I'm largely looking at the game from a PvP standpoint.


Warriors were, at one point, the undisputed kings of damage. They sat atop the Kill Shit Throne and looked down at the other professions, knowing well that they were the headbreakers of Guild Wars.
This was when people considered game balance to be at its prime.
The changes here are meant to put warriors back on their golden throne of skullsmashing. In the process, I also took time to:

  • Increase Strength's power as a Primary Attribute. (In progress.)
  • Strengthen attribute distinction among the Warrior's three weapons, Strength, and Tactics.
  • Bring many underused skills to a usable but in-check power level.

The final result isn't much changed from the one, the original warrior. And that's exactly where they should be.


Some recent events have brought rangers into a place that they were never meant to be. With the advent of skills like Burning Arrow, Glass Arrows, Keen Arrow, Forked Arrow, and Expert Focus, rangers gained the ability to break their traditional bonds as a utility player and skirmish dominator. Instead, they began to tread on Warrior territory: rangers gained the ability to rape faces.
Undoing this was my primary goal with my changes to the Ranger profession. While toning down their damage, I also:

  • Worked Expertise into less of a "does it all" attribute and decreased its overall effectiveness and necessity. (In progress.)
  • Severely limited rangers' melee capabilities (with secondaries). (In progress.)
  • Reworked some non-viable skills into skills designed to help rangers fulfill their primary roles of disruption and condipressure.
  • Gave rangers strong spike-support options while keeping their overall damage in check.

The end result will keep rangers at a strong power level while limiting that power in damage-dealing capacities.


Eles have always had a place as "caster damage and cool utility". From the "Lightning Orb and Blinding Flash" and "Shatterstone and Freezing Gust" of days past to today's "Mirror of Ice and WTF Shard Storm" and "Chain Lightning and Blinding Surge", eles have been characterized by damage with some bonus function. Well, this will largely remain the same.
What I have done, though, is:

  • Emphasized attribute distinction: (In progress.)
    • Fire Magic is characterized by (1) heavy, often-AoE fire damage, (2) burning and cripple conditions, and (3) IMS.
    • Water Magic is characterized by (1) cold damage, (2) anti-physical and snare hexes, and (3) passive support and healing. (In progress.)
    • Air Magic is characterized by (1) spike-caliber lightning damage, (2) cracked armor and blind conditions, (3) knockdowns, and (4) instant movement.
    • Earth Magic is characterized by (1) earth damage, (2) weakness condition, (3) knockdowns, and (4) active defensive support.
  • Toned down pressure-through-damage ability.
  • Reworked some non-viable and niche skills.

The end results will look a lot like the classic eles, but more versatile.






Assassins were an interesting change because they didn't really have a purpose at the beginning. Their role was loosely defined as a "strong spike profession", but there were a few issues with this. Firstly, there was no need for another spike-oriented profession when Eviscerate and Executioner's strike existed. Secondly, a lot of the recent changes have moved Assassins away from their "strong spike profession" role and into the realm of "mindless pressure".
If you'll pardon the reference, they're like Snake in Brawl: there's no stealth involved; they just run around and own everything they look at.
So my changes to the Assassin class were aimed at making them much less own-everything and much more stealthy and subversive. In essence, it's a near-complete rework:

  • I've all-but-killed Assassin pressure damage. (In progress.)
  • I've greatly enhanced Assassin's split and gank presence without making them invincible (i.e. Release Aura of Displacement). (In progress.)
  • I've attempted to give Assassins a moderate, though significantly weaker than a traditional direct damage dealer, stand presence. (In progress.)