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Strength is all about the Warrior premise: getting in peoples' faces and making red bars go down. Since the beginning, Bull's Strike has been one of the defining Strength skills and, what's more, one of the defining warrior skills. Bull's Strike has filled and embodied the Warrior's premise.
Unfortunately, it set a high standard from almost every perspective. It's always been exceptionally strong and exceptionally well-balanced, and few other skills have been able to compete with it in one of those regards, let alone both.
With my changes to Strength, I've hoped to change that. The entire attribute is now about enabling Warriors to get in peoples' faces and make red bars go down. Strength skills are characterized by aggression, here-and-now head breaking power. As a result of this focus, many skills that had other focuses have been reworked or moved out of Strength to preserve or enhance attribute distinction.
The end result is an attribute that puts Warriors on the Shitstomp Throne.


/Axe Mastery[edit]

Axes are all about Deep Wound, disruption, and big spike damage. Every axe skill is held up against the standard of "Will it KILL SHIT?", and only the skills that answered that question with the most resounding "FUCK YEAH!" have made it into the meta.
It was my intention here to bring some of the other skills up to par. Axe Mastery will still be the same attribute, just with more choices.

/Hammer Mastery[edit]

Metal meets body meets earth. That's what hammers are for: bone-crushing knock downs, all day, every day. If a hammer bar can't deliver that, it won't be played.
Because of this, there has been little acceptable variation in hammer bars: if a Warrior wants to deal damage, they will not take Forceful Blow, they will take an axe. If hammers dealt as much damage as axes, they would be broken. This created a sort of barrier from a balance standpoint.
Because of this, I have not strengthened hammers from a damage standpoint, but have instead worked to enhance their disruptive ability.
Like Axe mastery, Hammer mastery will not change its purpose. It will be the same attribute that it always has, but with more options.


Swords have had an interesting situation, as far as balance goes. They've never been able to really match axes in terms of damage output, and they've never been able to match hammers in terms of raw utility.
So I've given swords their own niche. Swords are lighter, faster, more disruptive weapons; almost every skill focuses on disruption and beautifully rewards success at warrioring. A lot of the namesake sword skills, like Severgash, have been incorporated into conditional, interrupt-emphasizing combos, like Savage Slash + Barbarous Slice, giving swords tremendous pressure potential in the hands of good players. For those with higher pings, swords will still feature unconditional skills like Sever, Gash, and Standing Slash.


Tactics was a sad attribute, before. It was focused on something that Warriors were not focused on, so it was never really held in esteem.
I took this opportunity to largely rework the attribute in its entirety.
The new Tactics focuses on split play, on disruption, on support: things that Warriors can find a place for.


/No attribute[edit]