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If you look at jumping in most MMO RPG's you'll notice something: it looks stupid. Characters don't so much jump as kind of float up into the air and then float back down. You'll see them in towns, jumping up and down for no reason. When they have to get somewhere, their preferred method is to bunny hop. This takes a lot of the visual appeal and immersiveness away.

The place where I had seen jumping done the best is some of the more recent, post-counterstrike tactical shooters. These games employ context-sensitive obstacle negotiation. If a character runs up to a fence and tries to go up and over, he will plant his hands on the rail and swing his weight over. If he comes to a ladder or some sturdy vines, he will climb them. When he comes to the edge of a narrow chasm, he hops across. This can be accomplished through the use of action buttons (press "F" to interact) or simply running purposefully at an obstacle.

This has several benefits. The action itself will look more realistic and appropriate. The obstacle in question will feel more real. People won't bunny hop, adding to the environment and feel of combat. Elements of terrain become more important in combat.

Of course, this is only meant to replace "space bar jump" and not double tap dodges or the "/jump" emote.

PS: jumping and climbing is hard work. It should cost energy (even /jump).

PPS: there should also be a "/leap" emote, which is just like /jump but with forward momentum. There could also be "/leap *", "/leap **" and "/leap ***" for progressively bigger jumps. This would allow custom use of the Z axis in a more controlled manner.

PPPS: if there is a surface that can be stood on or climbed within a character's grasp while context-jumping, /jump-ing or /leap-ing, a context action button could be used to catch ahold and climb up. --Silverdawn 19:43, 9 February 2011 (UTC)