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Here is a short list of Assassin skills that I feel are extremely underused, outclassed by other skills, or have no use in general. Updating these skills to make them useful will refresh the meta, and help better define class roles. These changes have been made with PvP in mind unless otherwise noted. All gradients are from 0..15.

Mirrored Stance Mirrored Stance

5 Energy¼ Activation time10 Recharge time
Half Ranged Spell. "Target foe loses their current stance and for 5 seconds, this skill becomes that stance and uses the Shadow Arts attribute. If target foe is not in a stance, one random stance for that foe's bar is disabled for 5 seconds instead."

Shroud of Silence Shroud of Silence

5 Energy1 Activation time12 Recharge time
Hex Spell. "For 6 seconds, if target foe attempts to cast a spell, it fails and target foe is dazed for 1..5 seconds. Your non-Assassin skills are disabled for 10 seconds."

Siphon Speed Siphon Speed

5 Energy1 Activation time12 Recharge time
Half Ranged Hex Spell. "For 3..9 seconds, target foe moves 33% slower, and you move 33% faster. This hex ends early if you move more than 100' away from of target foe."

Locust's Fury Locust's Fury

10 Energy1 Activation time20 Recharge time
Elite Enchantment Spell. "For 10..35 seconds, you have a +50% chance to double strike with daggers, and your lead and off-hand attacks strike for +5..25 damage. No effect if your weapon does elemental damage."

Mantis Touch Mantis Touch

5 Energy¾ Activation time10 Recharge time
Touch Skill. Target touched foe takes 5..50 damage and is crippled for 1..5 seconds. This skill counts as a lead attack.

Shadow Fang Shadow Fang

10 Energy¼ Activation time30 Recharge time
Hex Spell. Shadow Step to Target foe. For 10 seconds, the next time you hit target foe with a dual attack skill that foe suffers from a Deep Wound for 2..12 seconds. When this hex ends, you return to your original location.

Shadow of Haste Shadow of Haste

5 Energy10 Recharge time
Stance. For 10..20 seconds you move 25..50% faster than normal. If you move more than 100' away from your original location, this stance ends and you shadow step back to your original location.

Black Lotus Strike Black Lotus Strike (PvE - only)

- This skill is now an offhand attack.