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Here is a short list of Ranger skills that I feel are extremely underused, outclassed by other skills, or have no use in general. Updating these skills to make them useful will refresh the meta, and help better define class roles. These changes have been made with PvP in mind. All gradients are from 0..15.

Archer's Signet Archer's Signet

1 Activation time8 Recharge time
Elite Signet. "For your next 1..5 bow attacks, your arrows causes bleeding for 8..15 seconds and poison for 10..20 seconds."

Poison Arrow Poison Arrow

5 Energy1 Recharge time
Elite Attack Skill. Unblockable. Target foe and up to 2 nearby foes are poisoned for 5..20 seconds.

Power Shot Power Shot

10 Energy10 Recharge time
Bow Attack. Fast-moving arrow. If Power Shot hits, you strike for +15..45 damage.

Determined Shot Determined Shot

5 Energy8 Recharge time
Bow Attack. If Determined Shot hits, you strike for +5..20 damage. If this attack fails to hit, you gain 8..12 energy.

Quick Shot Quick Shot
- Moved to Marksmanship

5 Energy1 Activation time1 Recharge time
Bow Attack. You shoot an arrow that moves twice as fast and strikes for +5..20 damage. Your damage is doubled if you strike a moving foe.

Pestilence Pestilence

10 Energy5 Activation time45 Recharge time
Nature Ritual. Create a level 1...8...10 Spirit. Whenever a condition ends prematurely on a non-spirit creature in range of this spirit, that condition and its remaining duration are spread to any adjacent creatures. This Spirit dies after 30...78...90 seconds.