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After reading the update notes, like most of the time I was once again saddened. Therefore, I have decided to make new skill changes. However, please note that the skills listed are under the attributes I recommend they be in. In addition, I will note my other skill change pages in order to support my idea here as well. I also find that one main problem is that ArenaNet constantly changes the skills which makes them useless. Merge them, and keep them the same, and then come up with some new ideas so that people can try various new things.

These are not all about the January 28th, 2010 update. Some of them are just skills I found that aren't used often that I decided to bring up.

I'll add more. Right now it's just a note about Glass Arrows.


Glass Arrows Glass Arrows. 5 Energy2 Activation time12 Recharge time - Elite Preparation. For 10...30...35 seconds, your arrows strike for +5...17...20 damage if they hit and cause Bleeding for 10...18...20 seconds if they are Blocked.

  • The reason I request the old one is because I QQ and the Enfeeble idea from my Necromancer - Skill Changes would bring that back into more use against skills like this.
  • Please also note, that by changing this skill, only ONE variant of Ranger spike was nerfed, not all of them.
  • In Heroes' Ascent a simple Lingering Curse Necromancer along with Suffering could easily make for an easy shutdown against Forked Arrow.

Archer's Signet Archer's Signet. 2 Activation time20 Recharge time - Elite Signet. Your next 1...3...3 bow attacks deal +5...17...20 damage and applied conditions last 100% longer.

  • New idea, since the new Archer's Signet isn't used very frequently from what I have seen and played.