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Particularly in The Rise of the White Mantle and The Tengu Accords, The skillbar used by the player uses some strange (and inconvenient) mixture of out-of-date skills and updated skills. The former is most clearly seen in the use of the outdated versions of Unnatural Signet which doesn't even work properly (if cast upon a minion or spirit, it does not deal double damage and does not recharge any faster) and Disenchantment. The latter is clear with the use of the "new-and-improved" Mantra of Inscriptions which, with the new scaling, is no longer maintainable (sure, it's only two seconds, but it's still pretty annoying when it drops and I have to remind myself not to cast anything for a few moments). What's more, all the foes in these missions use updated (and, in most cases, more powerful) versions of the skills they were assigned back in 2007.

The way I see it, there are two options:

  • Give both the players and foes up-to-date skill bars
  • Give both the players and foes their 2007 skill bars

Honestly, it seems like the only skills changed were the ones which would make it harder for us, the players, to complete the missions. Sure, it's still doable, but I'd at least like my skills to work properly if you're going to give me something which is less-than-modern (pointing the finger at Unnatural Signet, here).