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Smiter's Boon Smiter's Boon

5 Energy¼ Activation time8 Recharge time Enchantment Spell. For 1...8...10 seconds, target ally deals an additional 1...10...12 damage with his next attack or spell. Your next Smiting Prayers spell also heals your target for an additional 0...32...40 health and grants you 0...2...3 energy.

A little similar to what Boon Signet does with the idea of transferring a benefit around. There is the initial damage buff effect and Divine Favor healing side-effect, but then there is the ability to either grant further benefits to the same person but also transfer the secondary effect of the spell (an unconditional heal that should total around 60-70 health with the proper rank in DF) to someone else.
The energy gain is so that the user doesn't completely drain him or herself since in order to use the secondary effect of this skill, one needs to use at least another 5 energy.