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Many people play Guild Wars solely for PvP, and create nothing but PvP-only characters. This is one of the core elements of Guild Wars; the ability to completely ignore PvE or PvP, and only play their counterpart. Holidays and special events that are held in Guild Wars were created to be enjoyed by ALL players. This is reinforced by the fact that access to holiday minigames, such as Costume Brawl and Rollerbeetle Racing, is granted to all PvP-only characters through the NPCs that are placed in Great Temple of Balthazar. It would seem though that certain holiday events can not be accessed by PvP-only characters.

Festival Hats, visits by Dwayna and Grenth on Wintersday, visits by Mad King Thorn on Halloween, visits from the Canthan Emperor during the Dragon Festival, the Canthan New Year, the the Shing Jea Boardwalk. These are some examples of special events and and special event items that were meant to be enjoyed by ALL Guild Wars players, yet can only be accessed by players who decide to make a PvE character.

My suggestion is to allow PvP-only characters access to the outposts that special events and holidays occur in. These outposts would include Lion's Arch, Kamadan, Shing Jea Monastery-Seitung Harbor, and perhaps Kaineng Center if any future events are to be held there. Access would be by boat from Great Temple of Balthazar. Since all the outposts mentioned have a harbor within them or nearby, this idea would fit in correctly with the current map and lore. PvP-only characters would not be allowed to leave the outposts into nearby explorable areas, and would be teleported back inside if they tried (as it is in Jade Quarry or Fort Aspenwood). Access could be permenant or only available during holidays and special events.