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This page documents Foreman the Crier's previous quotes.

Weekly bonuses[edit]


Elonian Support[edit]
"Double your Sunspear and Lightbringer title points!"
Extra Luck[edit]
"Feeling lucky? You should be; it's Extra Luck bonus week!"
Faction Support[edit]
"Ho! Double title progress for Luxon and Kurzick supporters!"
Factions Elite[edit]
"Free passage to The Deep and Urgoz's Warren!"
Northern Support[edit]
"Improve your standing with the Asura, Norn, and more!"
"We are blessed by the gods this week!"
Zaishen Bounty[edit]
"Fight frightening foes for big bounty bonuses!"
Zaishen Mission[edit]
"Make more for your missions this week!"
Zaishen Vanquishing[edit]
"Zaishen Vanquishes bring in twice as many coins!"


Alliance Battle[edit]
"Luxon and Kurzick supporters, it's Alliance Battle bonus week!"
Codex Arena[edit]
"Test your skills during Codex Arena bonus week!"
Competitive Mission[edit]
"Heroes are called to Fort Aspenwood and the Jade Quarry!"
Guild versus Guild[edit]
"Guilds of Tyria, it's GvG bonus week!"
Heroes' Ascent[edit]
"Hear ye! Hear ye! It's Heroes' Ascent bonus week!"
Random Arenas[edit]
"All versatile heroes, it's Random Arenas bonus week!"

Special events[edit]

Canthan New Year[edit]
"Blessings to you in the new year!"
Lucky Treats Week[edit]
"Hear ye! Hear ye! It's Lucky Treats Week!"
April Fools' Day[edit]
"Strange sightings in Embark Beach!"
Sweet Treats Week[edit]
"Sweets! Treats! It's Sweet Treats Week!"
Anniversary Celebration[edit]


"Happy birthday, Tyria!"

2015 onward:

"Happy birthday, Tyria!"
"Happy Tenth Anniversary, heroes!" [sic]
Dragon Festival[edit]
"Long live Cantha!"
Wintersday in July[edit]
"Happy Wintersday! No, you didn't mishear."
Wayfarer's Reverie[edit]
"The spirit of adventure be with you!"
Pirate Week[edit]
"Ahoy there, ye blubberin' barnacle!"
Breast Cancer Awareness Month[edit]
"Anyone have salmon-colored dye?"
Special Treats Week[edit]
"Um, [sic] yum, yum! It's Special Treats Week!"
"Happy Wintersday, everybody!"