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Reddit Guild [redt]
Territory Straight outta Ascalon
Language Bork! Bork! Bork!
Faction Kurzick
Type Beginners/Casual/PvP/Hardcore PvE
No. of members ~1000
Guild Hall Warrior's Isle
Time zone Any way the wind blows

What is the Reddit Guild?[edit]

The Reddit Guild is focused on bringing together Redditors from around the world to play Guild Wars with us in one big happy family. We take in a variety of players, experienced and new, help out, and create a giant community, in hopes that anyone can join in, quickly find a group to do what they want and have fun.

We're a Kurzick-based alliance who usually partake in dungeons, elite areas, and sometimes even PvP.

How To Join[edit]

The requirements to join is that you must be an avid Redditor. All invites are handled through our invite system where you submit your name to be invited and we'll invite you to one of our guilds. All other information can be found on our subreddit.