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This page is an official policy on the Guild Wars Wiki.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that all users should follow.

This page is a brief overview of the policies towards images on the official Guild Wars Wiki.

General guidelines[edit]

  • Never use scanned images from magazine articles about Guild Wars or any image that another web page has been granted exclusive access to.
  • Use a clear, detailed title. Note that if any image with the same title has already been uploaded, it will be replaced with your new one.
See Guild Wars Wiki:Formatting/Images for image formatting guidelines.
See Screenshot on how to take a screen capture.

ArenaNet images[edit]

  • All official renders and images from the Guild Wars website belong to ArenaNet and must have {{arenanet image}} in the image description.
  • All screenshots from in game also belong to ArenaNet and must have {{screenshot}} in the image description.
  • Do not include personal user credit in these images. ArenaNet owned images with user copyright or credit included in them will be subject to deletion.

User page images[edit]

  • Must have {{user image|user name}} in the image description.
  • Must be prefixed by "User_" and your username (i.e. File:User Yourname description of image.jpg)
See Guild Wars Wiki:User page for rules governing images to be used solely on user pages.

Guild images[edit]

  • Must have {{guild image|guild name}} in the image description.
  • Must be prefixed by "Guild_" and your guild name (i.e. File:Guild The Full Name Of The Guild description of image.jpg)
See Guild Wars Wiki:Guild pages for rules governing images to be used solely on guild pages.

Image titles and file names[edit]

  • If you make an improved version of an image or you create a new image to replace a current one (i.e. one that is more appropriate) then you may upload the new image with the same filename as the current one. This allows people to easily compare the two images and avoids the need to delete images or change articles. This is not possible if you alter the filetype, i.e. you cannot easily overwrite a JPEG with a PNG image.
  • File names are case sensitive, "Ascalon.JPG" is considered different from "Ascalon.jpg". For uniformity, lower case file name extensions are recommended.
  • Using underscores in image names is not necessary as MediaWiki automatically replaces spaces in file names with underscores, so [[File:Prince Rurik.jpg]] is the same as [[File:Prince_Rurik.jpg]].

Deleting images[edit]

As only administrators can delete images, you have to request image deletion. To do this, add a deletion notice {{delete|reason for deletion}} to the image description page. After a short period of time, an administrator will then delete the image.

If you disagree with an image being made a candidate for deletion post your reason on the talk page for the image.

See Guild Wars Wiki:Deletion policy for more details about our deletion.

Moving images[edit]

  • Use the Move tab at the top of an image page to rename it. Mark the redirect for deletion.


Images should only be those directly relating to the Guild Wars series of games. Minor use of images not directly related to Guild Wars is acceptable on user pages. See GWW:USER for the rules governing images on user pages.

Images that violate the terms of use of this website, violate the Guild Wars EULA or infringe copyright will be subject to deletion.

Any uploading of pornographic material will result in long-term or permanent bans. Uploading of other material not related to Guild Wars and attempting to pass this off as Guild Wars images may result in short-term bans (e.g. uploading a picture of a car with the image name "Bog Skale.jpg").

Revision history of articles containing images[edit]

Old versions of articles do not show corresponding old versions of images, but the latest ones, unless the file names of the images have changed.