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Images needed project

This project was conceived to provide an application or use of the {{image needed}} tag. By itself, articles tagged with it are merely categorised into Category:Image needed and Category:Map needed. The resulting categories are hardly useful when one wishes to search for what images are missing by location. Rather than attempting to make that template more complicated, it is far simpler to simply parse the categories for the needed information.

This project was designed so that duplicate NPC models could be represented on the wiki in the same way that duplicate inventory icons are used to represent in-game icons that are shared among different items. In plainer terms, we wanted to find all of the NPC who share a particular NPC model, give that model a name and use a render of it on the NPC pages.

Images needed project +

How to help[edit]

You can help contribute by remembering to check the subpages of this project whenever you venture into a location. All contributions are welcomed.

Whenever you upload a needed image or map, remember to edit the article in question and remove the appropriate tag. After a short while, that article will no longer show up in the relevant subpage.

You can also help by remembering to tag all articles that are missing images. Do take note that if an article appears to use an image name as per the NPC models project, the tag is optional.

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To do[edit]

Add to or clear this list as tasks come up or are completed
  • An expert in DPL please verify (on talk page) and double-check the efficiency or correctness of the DPL in use.
  • Add subpages for Eye of the North locations.
  • Add subpages for needed maps.


April 2008[edit]

  • Added in regions for Eye of the North.

February 2008[edit]

  • Project started! Explorable areas, outposts, and towns added for all regions in Prophecies, Factions, and Nightfall.