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Images to update project

This project was conceived to provide an application or use of the {{image update}} tag. By itself, articles tagged with it are merely categorized into Category:Image_update_needed. The resulting categories are hardly useful when one wishes to search for what images are missing by location. Due to the fact the images are tagged, not the articles, the article cannot simply be parsed for the data. This means all images that need to be updated have to be added to the list by hand.

This project was designed so that casual contributors could easily see how they could improve the images on GWW without having to go through the troubles of categories. Add any suggestions you have to the talk page.

Images to update project +
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How to help[edit]

You can help contribute by remembering to check the subpages of this project whenever you venture into a location. All contributions are welcomed.

You can also help by remembering to tag all images that are not of the utmost quality. This means images with a visible UI, images that are too dark, too small, not cropped, etc.

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2012, April 30th

The Project was reactivated:

  • The editors list has been updated to show their last contribution to the Project.
  • New sub-parameters have been added to the template {{image update needed}} to improve category classification.
    • The "Friendly NPC image update needed" category was replaced with "NPC image update needed", since foes were being tagged with npc as well.
  • Lists by Campaign have had updated images removed from their listings, but no new articles are to be added directly to these as they are being phased out.
  • DPL lists and the navigation box have been updated to reflect the new categories.

2009, November 29th

  • Processed all images that didn't need updating.

2008, July 30th

  • First 200 images added to list (A-I)

2008, July 29th

  • A-C completed
  • Project started