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Icon Name Skill history Page
Auspicious Incantation.jpg Auspicious Incantation No Auspicious Incantation/Skill history
Tease.jpg Tease Yes Tease/Skill history
Lyssa's Aura.jpg Lyssa's Aura No Lyssa's Aura/Skill history
Mantra of Earth.jpg Mantra of Earth Yes Mantra of Earth/Skill history
Drain Enchantment.jpg Drain Enchantment No Drain Enchantment/Skill history
Discharge Enchantment.jpg Discharge Enchantment No Discharge Enchantment/Skill history
Channeling.jpg Channeling No Channeling/Skill history
Ether Feast.jpg Ether Feast Yes Ether Feast/Skill history
Energy Drain.jpg Energy Drain Yes Energy Drain/Skill history
Elemental Resistance.jpg Elemental Resistance No Elemental Resistance/Skill history
Ether Signet.jpg Ether Signet No Ether Signet/Skill history
Ether Phantom.jpg Ether Phantom No Ether Phantom/Skill history
Ether Lord.jpg Ether Lord No Ether Lord/Skill history
Inspired Hex.jpg Inspired Hex No Inspired Hex/Skill history
Inspired Enchantment.jpg Inspired Enchantment No Inspired Enchantment/Skill history
Feedback.jpg Feedback No Feedback/Skill history
Mantra of Signets.jpg Mantra of Signets No Mantra of Signets/Skill history
Hex Eater Signet.jpg Hex Eater Signet No Hex Eater Signet/Skill history
Mantra of Inscriptions.jpg Mantra of Inscriptions No Mantra of Inscriptions/Skill history
Mantra of Flame.jpg Mantra of Flame Yes Mantra of Flame/Skill history
Mantra of Persistence.jpg Mantra of Persistence Yes Mantra of Persistence/Skill history
Mantra of Lightning.jpg Mantra of Lightning Yes Mantra of Lightning/Skill history
Mantra of Frost.jpg Mantra of Frost Yes Mantra of Frost/Skill history
Mantra of Recall.jpg Mantra of Recall Yes Mantra of Recall/Skill history
Physical Resistance.jpg Physical Resistance Yes Physical Resistance/Skill history
Revealed Enchantment.jpg Revealed Enchantment No Revealed Enchantment/Skill history
Revealed Hex.jpg Revealed Hex No Revealed Hex/Skill history
Spirit of Failure.jpg Spirit of Failure No Spirit of Failure/Skill history
Signet of Humility.jpg Signet of Humility Yes Signet of Humility/Skill history
Drain Delusions.jpg Drain Delusions No Drain Delusions/Skill history
Extend Conditions.jpg Extend Conditions No Extend Conditions/Skill history
Leech Signet.jpg Leech Signet Yes Leech Signet/Skill history
Power Drain.jpg Power Drain Yes Power Drain/Skill history
Power Leech.jpg Power Leech No Power Leech/Skill history
Signet of Recall.jpg Signet of Recall No Signet of Recall/Skill history
Waste Not, Want Not.jpg Waste Not, Want Not No Waste Not, Want Not/Skill history
Energy Tap.jpg Energy Tap Yes Energy Tap/Skill history
Mantra of Concentration.jpg Mantra of Concentration No Mantra of Concentration/Skill history
Spirit Shackles.jpg Spirit Shackles No Spirit Shackles/Skill history
Mantra of Resolve.jpg Mantra of Resolve Yes Mantra of Resolve/Skill history
Mantra of Resolve (PvP).jpg Mantra of Resolve (PvP) No Mantra of Resolve (PvP)/Skill history
Mantra of Signets (PvP).jpg Mantra of Signets (PvP) No Mantra of Signets (PvP)/Skill history
Mantra of Inscriptions (Saul D'Alessio).jpg Mantra of Inscriptions (Saul D'Alessio) No Mantra of Inscriptions (Saul D'Alessio)/Skill history