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Icon Name Animation File
Deadly Paradox.jpg Deadly Paradox Yes Image:Deadly Paradox animation.gif
Entangling Asp.jpg Entangling Asp Yes Image:Entangling Asp animation.gif
Assassin's Promise.jpg Assassin's Promise Yes Image:Assassin's Promise animation.gif
Signet of Shadows.jpg Signet of Shadows No Image:Signet of Shadows animation.gif
Dancing Daggers.jpg Dancing Daggers Yes Image:Dancing Daggers animation.gif
Shroud of Silence.jpg Shroud of Silence No Image:Shroud of Silence animation.gif
Siphon Strength.jpg Siphon Strength No Image:Siphon Strength animation.gif
Mark of Insecurity.jpg Mark of Insecurity Yes Image:Mark of Insecurity animation.gif
Augury of Death.jpg Augury of Death Yes Image:Augury of Death animation.gif
Shameful Fear.jpg Shameful Fear No Image:Shameful Fear animation.gif
Signet of Toxic Shock.jpg Signet of Toxic Shock No Image:Signet of Toxic Shock animation.gif
Mantis Touch.jpg Mantis Touch Yes Image:Mantis Touch animation.gif
Siphon Speed.jpg Siphon Speed No Image:Siphon Speed animation.gif
Crippling Dagger.jpg Crippling Dagger Yes Image:Crippling Dagger animation.gif
Expunge Enchantments.jpg Expunge Enchantments Yes Image:Expunge Enchantments animation.gif
Expose Defenses.jpg Expose Defenses Yes Image:Expose Defenses animation.gif
Iron Palm.jpg Iron Palm Yes Image:Iron Palm animation.gif
Scorpion Wire.jpg Scorpion Wire No Image:Scorpion Wire animation.gif
Way of the Empty Palm.jpg Way of the Empty Palm Yes Image:Way of the Empty Palm animation.gif
Shadow Prison.jpg Shadow Prison No Image:Shadow Prison animation.gif
Dark Prison.jpg Dark Prison Yes Image:Dark Prison animation.gif
Disrupting Dagger.jpg Disrupting Dagger Yes Image:Disrupting Dagger animation.gif
Enduring Toxin.jpg Enduring Toxin Yes Image:Enduring Toxin animation.gif
Mark of Death.jpg Mark of Death Yes Image:Mark of Death animation.gif
Vampiric Assault.jpg Vampiric Assault Yes Image:Vampiric Assault animation.gif
Shadow Fang.jpg Shadow Fang No Image:Shadow Fang animation.gif
Sadist's Signet.jpg Sadist's Signet Yes Image:Sadist's Signet animation.gif
Signet of Deadly Corruption.jpg Signet of Deadly Corruption No Image:Signet of Deadly Corruption animation.gif
Signet of Deadly Corruption (PvP).jpg Signet of Deadly Corruption (PvP) No Image:Signet of Deadly Corruption (PvP) animation.gif
Impale.jpg Impale Yes Image:Impale animation.gif