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Suggestions pages

To keep the suggestions pages somewhat sane.

The issues[edit]

  • There are a lot of suggestions made.
  • Duplication of content.
  • It is hard to figure out where suggestions go and when to merge them.
  • Some suggestions just plain suck.
  • What is the line between knowing if a suggestion is vandalism or trolling and having to assume good faith?
  • Some people can't follow instructions.
  • What is a Guild Wars 2 suggestion and what is a Guild Wars 1 suggestion?
  • There is a huge flat archive of suggestions which have been made.

Interested parties[edit]

To do[edit]

  • Keep up with new suggestions as they come in.
    • Does a similar suggestion already exist?
      • Yes:
        • Merge the suggestion into the existing page (add it to the talk page or add the new idea to the page itself. Which you choose depends on how different the idea is from those already suggested.)
        • Move the page to a new name if necessary so it covers both ideas (remember to change the link to the discussion page).
      • No:
        • Check category - change if necessary.
        • Is the name applicable or sane - move page if necessary.
        • Correct basic formatting.
        • If the suggestion is poorly written consider duplicating the original to the talk page and fixing the main page for legibility.
        • If the suggestion is several unrelated suggestions the category should be miscellaneous - if you're feeling inspired you can split it into different articles. Try to categorize single idea pages out of miscellaneous.
  • Archive Guild Wars 1 suggestions not commented on for 2 weeks to an archive.
  • Pull any suggestions from the Scratch pad area of the main page into new or existing pages.
  • Check the number of suggestions on a suggestion page. If the page is starting to get long consider splitting it into several new topic pages.
  • Clean up any move remnants every so often.
Stuff which needs to be done once but will take time
  • Move Guild Wars 1 suggestions to a similar structure once it is clear that it works ok for Guild Wars 2.
  • Revisit the suggestions in the archives and move them into the current structure.
  • Revisit the lead in text on each of the categories to provide more clear guidance on the topics which should go there.
  • Is a scheme for archiving implemented ideas or suggestions which cannot be applicable required? (ie when more information about Guild Wars 2 becomes available many suggestions could become obsolete.)

Helpful stuff[edit]