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Wanted Pages Cleanup

This project is designed to cleanup the Wanted Pages list that is being overpopulated by poor template usage, and other reasons.

If you wish to talk about this project please use the Talk for this page. If you believe you have found a new cause that needs a new solution please suggest it by adding it below or mentioning it on the talk page.


The wanted pages special section of this wiki is supposed to be useful tool for wiki editors to find missing pages and create them for the community. Currently the special pages are being clogged with several different types of links to pages that are not necessary. This clogging makes the wanted pages virtually useless to anyone looking for something helpful to do.


  • Poorly formatted user pages and mistakes in template usage.
  • Old guild pages moved to historical status are leaving behind lingering links on players pages.
  • Deleted pages leaving behind lingering links on other pages
  • other causes here...

Suggested Solution(s)[edit]

  • Fixing poorly formatted templates
    • Simply deleting the offending brackets causing the link in usage instructions
    • Repairing the template itself by putting the brackets within the template where they actually belong
  • Perhaps a more thorough guide to creating a template including instructions for bracket usage and links in template usage instructions
  • Hard work hunting down links to guilds put into historical status and repairing them to point to the now historical guild page
  • Hard Work hunting down all other failed links and fixing them
  • Double checking the "what links here" before deleting and warning all pages that link before actually deleting
  • Delete every guild pages and links to them. This is a wiki, not a blog network.