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Request for the DeletedContributions extension[edit]

MediaWiki extension
Additional software requirements
Installation notes
The prerequisites only apply to versions of MediaWiki older than 1.12.
Reason for request
This provides sysops and bureaucrats a special page which lists edits a particular user or IP has made that have been deleted. This is both useful for quickly finding the deleted edits of a returning vandal, as well as for helping users who want to know why their page has gone missing but can't remember the exact name of the page.
What else uses it
Wikipedia, the MediaWiki wiki, and the various Wikia wikis.
Possible pitfalls
As the special page will only be available to sysops and bcrats, who already have access to deleted edits, no security or privacy is breached any more than the status quo. It only makes it easier for admins to find deleted edits by user rather than only by page. Also, see additional notes.
Additional notes
The feature has been added as default to MediaWiki 1.14, so installing this now may require later uninstallation when the wiki is upgraded.