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Request for LuceneSearch[edit]

MediaWiki extension + underlying daemon
Additional software requirements
  • Java 5
  • LSearch daemon (available from the same page as this extension, in both source and binary form)
  • Apache Ant (if the source form of LSearch is used)
Additional server-side maintenance requirements
A cron-job needs to be set up to regularly dump the database to an xml. The command to execute in this cron-job are listed in the installation instructions. This requires that AdminSettings.php is available, and set to a database user with access to the wiki's database. Also requires the lsearch daemon (lsearchd) to be running.
Also note that the trunk on MediaWiki's SVN contains MediaWiki 1.13. Since this wiki is running 1.9, we would have to use the addon from 1.10 (as it doesn't use anything new from 1.10), together with 1.10's ExtensionFunctions.php file at extensions/ExtensionFunctions.php.
Reason for request
MediaWiki's search engine is horrible. This extension and underlying daemon replaces it with a much better search engine that uses Lucene for indexing, with ordering based on relevancy.
What else uses it
All Wikimedia projects — Wikipedia, for example — have it enabled, as does MediaWiki's own wiki.
Possible pitfalls
Lucene indexes together with the xml dump can eat quite a bit of disk space and the server must be running linux. It can also be relatively complicated to set up compared to other extensions due to the daemon.