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Talk like a Pirate Day

Ahoy! September 19th be "Talk like a pirate day", and MYST be celebratin' in true Luxon style. For t' entire day, we be renoucin' our lubber ways and embracin' piratehood (aye even when we type)! MYST's cape will be transformed t' show t' world that we be pirates. In t' evenin', thar be a scavenger hunt where you can get your hands on me gold in exchange for some booty.

Ahoy! Hopin' ye be gettin' ready fer Talk like a Pirate Day tomorrow. Apologies fer me lateness - seems this pirate be loaded to the gunwales with grog. I be off t' furner a ship fer a cruise I be takin' an I may be wantin' a soul or 10 t' assist. Look fer me at 7:30pm land lubber time tommow. If I be missin', know I be in Fiddler's Heaven.

~ Black Ethel Cash

Scavenger Hunt Picture 1
Scavenger Hunt Picture 2