Honoring the Moon of the Long Nights

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May you have warm words on a cold evening, a full moon on a dark night and a smooth road all the way to your door.

— Old Irish Blessing

Ancient Celts celebrated the coming of the full moon for thousands of years, they believed the full Moon held powers of greater force then gravity, the powers of a Goddess. They thought every full moon as an embodiment of this Goddess and they honored it with the passion one should expect from a believing people. They named each full moon to tell their people when to act in a certain way. The Hunter's Moon told them to send out their hunters to gather food for the coming winter, but in the middle of the Winter they tell you of change, they tell you of the Long Nights ahead. Prepare to join in with the celebrations surrounding the Moon of the Long Nights!

Honoring the Moon of the Long Nights is a community hosted event in which the old pagan celebration of honoring the Moon of the Long Nights. The Moon of the Long Nights is the last full moon of the year and resembles an end, and as with every end comes, hope for a new beginning. To get full profit from the restart of the year, the celebration surrounding the Moon of the Long Nights has as a primary goal letting go bad memories, negative emotions and other less happy feelings.

Join us! The 10th of December shall be the date of Her last appearance this year! We will be in Serenity Temple to honor her coming and hopefully gain her blessing. We will hope to see you there.

Blessed be,

Mark Is Beest, Lead Coordinator

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Where and When[edit]

Place: Serenity Temple International district 1, 2 and 3

Date: 10th of December

Time: 20:00 till 23:00 GMT

The Moon of the Long Nights' theme color is white.


Participate in one of our activities to please the spirit of the full Moon! or perhaps even in all! The activities we have planned are:

Pay attention![edit]

Ghosts of the past have been reported to show up during this particular celebration. It is unknown what their intentions are, but they are told to provide valuable lessons to attendees willing to open their trading window.

Prizes and Freebies[edit]



  • Tomes (Given out by Ghosts of the past)
  • Alcohol (Get a drink at one of our Bartenders)

Costume Contest[edit]

The Moon likes to see the her celebration performed by the well dressed and the original, this is where the Costume Contest comes in. We will reward three people who stand out in a certain category. These categories are:

  • The most fitting outfit for the event (some hints here: remember that the event's theme is a new beginning and the event's color is white)
  • The most good looking outfit (I think no explanation is needed here)
  • A memory we'd rather leave behind (a dress made entirely from meat is nothing compared to the horrible disfunctions of style that will be seen in this category)

So wear a lovely (or horrible) outfit to the celebration, as the prizes for each will be worth some effort.

Thanks to:[edit]




  • Spirits Of Sin - our photoshop guy
  • GW-EN - for providing radio support!

How can you help[edit]

We would absolutely love any help, in the form of donations or any other way! If you wish to donate or want to ask if there's anything else you can help with, please contact us in a way mentioned below.



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