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Warning-Logo.png Warning: This guide requires the use of 3rd party programs.

Programs Used[edit]

Step 1[edit]

User Seru Guild Cape Guide 1.jpg
  • Open texmod
  • Click on the Folder icon and browse to find the Gw.exe
  • Click on Logging Mode

Step 2[edit]

User Seru Guild Cape Guide 2.jpg
  • Change the Output format to TGA
  • Adjust all the check boxes to match these
  • Click the Run button

Step 3[edit]

User Seru Guild Cape Guide 3.jpg
  • Log into guild Wars and choose one of your characters
  • Using the + and - buttons move through the loaded textures until your guild cape turns green.
  • Hit F1 when your cape becomes green.
  • Close Guild Wars and open up

Step 4[edit]

  • Click File -> Open
  • The easiest way to find what texture is your cape is to right click then Arrange Icons By -> Modified.
  • Choose the last choice on the list

Step 5[edit]

User Seru Guild Cape Guide 5.jpg
  • Rotate the Cape counter clockwise so it's upright
  • Save as something simple like Cape.tga

Step 6[edit]

User Seru Guild Cape Guide 6.jpg
  • Choose a background color from the pallet
  • Use the Paint Bucket and paint brush to color in the cape (look at the next pic)

Step 7[edit]

  • Save your colored cape as something different than the first save.

Step 8[edit]

User Seru Guild Cape Guide 8.jpg
  • Click on Layers -> Import From File
  • Open up the save from step 5
  • It should auto align and make close to your file copy. IF you think it looks too light or too dark then undo and change the background color.

Step 9[edit]

  • Save the image as a png file.
  • Just keep clicking yes until it saves.


User Seru Dei.png
  • This is an example of a final copy.
  • Upload it as Image:Guild <-- Name--> Guild Cape.png


User Seru Fame Hunters.png User Seru Fancy.png User Seru Example 3.png Guild We Are The Gods cape.jpg Guild Gems Of Destiny cape.png