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Before the update listed here, was sort of a signet version of Vampiric Gaze, iirc - a cheap, life-saccing life-steal. Specifically, GuildWiki says, May 2006: 2s casting, 20s recharge, "Sacrifice 8% maximum Health. You steal up to 18...52 Health from target foe." At 15 Blood Magic, it says it was 60 health (there's a table over there if you want more precise info). Should probably be thrown on here if we're doing a Skill History for this? I just have no clue how to implement it myself. -- 06:54, 24 March 2011 (UTC)

Info taken from the early 2006 pages on this skill. It seems that, by June or August 2006, it was changed to what it now has as its current functionality, but back in May, etc., it was still a self-heal.

moved to Barbed Signet/Skill history

If for whatever reason the wiki does not consider this portion of the skill's history to be relevant (which may well be true, since it was ages ago), or just doesn't want it up there, I do apologize for cluttering up the Talk page. I figured I may as well do the work for it, since I'm the one who cares, but I don't know if it would be appropriate to just shove it on the page, and what the criteria for having a skill history page in the first place even is - it seems to only happen for meta skills that were recently changed? But I'm not at all sure - so... here's Barbed Signet, circa 2005-June 2006 (looking at the GWWiki edits, June 3 2006 is the earliest it's shown with its current - AoE bleeding - functionality, and May 19 2006 is the last edit before that, where it still has the life-stealing form I've described here). -- 08:30, 5 April 2011 (UTC)