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Somewhat ironic name? Lyra ValoUser Lyra Valo LVsig.jpg 18:02, 6 December 2007 (UTC)

Oh no you di'n't! Talk br12(talk) • 18:03, 6 December 2007 (UTC)
he's right, i also get the feeling that theres something with the name that feels wrong :D --Cursed Angel talk 18:06, 6 December 2007 (UTC)
It's ok ya'll, he's white on the inside.--Ryudo 18:20, 6 December 2007 (UTC)

The name is probably like a metaphorical term - white often signifies purity or cleanliness. Talk br12(talk) • 18:25, 6 December 2007 (UTC)

Aye, he's a symbol of cleanliness, trading crappy weapons for the skulls of his enemies...wait what?--Ryudo 18:27, 6 December 2007 (UTC)
Hey, don't hate the player, hate the game. --Talk br12(talk) • 18:27, 6 December 2007 (UTC)
The one who named him is colorblind --Cursed Angel talk 18:29, 6 December 2007 (UTC)
Lol, that wasnt directed at you brain, just at the total irony of his name. Just as Lyra said.--Ryudo 18:36, 6 December 2007 (UTC)
I know Ryudo, don't worry :P . I used the phrase out of context. Just sounded cool. Talk br12(talk) • 18:38, 6 December 2007 (UTC)
Bit late, but…my take would be that he is an associate of Ambassador Zain, along with Witness Rastin (twin brothers, do you think?), and it's a reference to the White Mantle. —Nonsuch 20:26, 1 August 2011 (UTC)