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Real Life

Hey, my real name is John but my guildmates call me Dante and my main character is Lyra Valo. I'm 17 and I live in Leeds, UK. I'm studying for my A Levels and I take Law, History and Maths. I started playing Guild Wars in August 2005 after a year of playing Runescape (yes I know I suck). One of my friends from school had played in the betas and I thought it looked awesome. I collect titles on my main character, my warrior and I also collect Holiday Items. I have contributed to this wiki and Guildwiki for a few months but i'm still relatively clueless about a lot of wiki code so if I trip up don't hesitate to correct me.
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My first character was a necro, Dante Bloodaddict but he has since been retired, I rarely use him but don't have the heart to delete him. My second and main character is a warrior named Lyra Valo which I use to hunt the titles I collect. My third character is a monk, Lara Valo, who I created after my warrior got stuck at Thunderhead Keep because I could never get a monk so I decided to make my own. My next character is an assassin called Togira Ikonaka, I almost never play him and the only reason I don't delete him is his Luxon 15k armour and the fact I can store my holiday items on him. I had made many rangers over the years and had never been able to stick at one very long and they all were deleted but I really wanted a Level 20 ranger so I decided i'd make one for Nightfall so advancing in the plotline would keep me interested in the character, Lina Valo.


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