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Here are a couple of issues that bother me frequently while I'm playing Guild Wars.

Miniatures as Equipment[edit]

Miniatures already exist in the game as usable items. If miniatures had the ability to be equipped, they could provide a more rewarding and fun experience involving less micro-management.

My suggestion is to create a "miniature slot" in the inventories of player characters. As long as a character would have a miniature equipped in the appropriate slot, the miniature would be visible and it would follow the character in outposts and explorable areas.

The miniature would not be visible in PvP and optionally in the case when more than 20 (or any other appropriate amount) miniatures had already "entered" an outpost. In these cases, the miniature slot would be disabled altogether.

Naturally, implementing this suggestion would cause the current behavior of miniatures obsolete, and therefore their current function as usable items would be removed.

Untended Achievements[edit]

Currently, there are some achievements in the game that lack a reward. These can be completed merely for the player's satisfaction, but with an appropriate reward they could provide a fair amount of additional gameplay with minimal effort. (E.g. the game content is already there, only a reward system needs to be established.) Here is a list of the untended achievements I was able to think of:

  • Completing all non-repeatable quests in each/all of the Guild Wars games.
  • Completing all four missions with all bonus objectives in the Bonus Mission Pack.
  • Adding all animal companions into the Zaishen Menagerie and training them to the last tier.

If these achievements were honored by rewards, there would be a greater incentive for players to finish them, to put additional gameplay hours into the game, and to purchase the products related to these achievements if they haven't already. The reward I find to be most appropriate is a statue for each of the achievements in the Monument of Honor.