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Note to other users: right now this is still a private page. Feel free to add some suggestions or comments, but know that I will use my right to revert them if I don't agree (but I will do so sparingly, and instead I will try to edit them in as additional suggestions). You can also add suggestions in the discussion, and I'll add them here if I agree.


Multi-role displays[edit]

  • Combine compass & mini-map: buttons for zoom, toggles switches for where you went, other players, etc.
  • Party window that dynamically adjusts in size to accomodate extra NPCs that are added, and include command buttons like a button to switch between AI modes (guard, flee, etc), and another to change the position of players in the list to enable people to sort them. Ability to group characters & humans and assign a flag for each group would be great.
    • Assigning a flag to a player and putting the flag somewhere will add a compass flag to that location for that player. It would be an easy way to tell people where to go in split situations.

Quest tracker[edit]

With multiple compass arrows for multiple quests / objectives.

  • Otherwise, a drag & drop tracking window (or crtl-click to add or remove) where you can drop quests, titles, stackable items, and gold. Titles will just show you the title like it is in the titles menu, or perhaps a text-only version showing percent to next level. Quests will show the next objectives as well, which will be shown on the compass for all tracked quests. Inventory items and gold will show how much you have of that item. The window has 3 modes, which are rotated when the tracking window shortcut-key is pressed: (1) off, (2) transparent and unclickable, where you can only see the text, and (3) opaque and clickable (to add or remove items).

Reputation system[edit]

  • Allows to flag a person's behavior during gameplay. Some of these can lead to titles (e.g. helpful, friendly, trustworthy), while others can lead to ANet punishing you upon verification of behavior (e.g. scammer & spammer). You also get a log of people you recently interacted with, such that those who log out are still get their evaluation.
  • It would be account-based, so making new characters does not clear the record. Also, you and others get to see your own ratings as well as how you rate others, as a detriment to abuse.
  • Items included:
    • Helpful (e.g. answered questions, helped with quests / missions)
    • Friendly (e.g. is pleasant with others)
    • Scammer (e.g. tries to steal accounts, etc)
    • Spammer (e.g. multiple repeated posts in a row)
    • Trustworthy (e.g. delivered on promises or refunded if he could not deliver)
    • Account-based, so making new characters does not clear the record
    • RPGer (e.g. stays in character, uses language appropriate for the era, acts naturally)
    • Courageous (e.g. does not abandon group at first sign of failure, but rather tries to help the group recover)

Integrate the "group search feature" with the chat Done![edit]

When using it, it regularly announces it in the chat (GLF 'whatever' 5/8), so non-users can see it an join in. Similarly, those people typing in GLF get added to the search under a non-classified category (cuz you don't know if they are mission, quest, or just bonuses). Same for WTS / WTB, except that they go under trade.

  • Add more interface features like ctrl+click on an item showing the item's unique name and template ID, easing the trade chat and filtering scammers.

PvP Tracking[edit]

  • Have something to track the kills that a person has killed throughout all PvP and able to access them at any time. Not just after maybe a match they have played, but opening a window like the Title window. It could possibly be added in there and maybe put a title attached to it after so many kills.


Bridge the PvE - PvP divide[edit]

What needs to be done to join the PvE and PvP is not to make one dependent on the other, but rather to make gains in one provide gains in the other. So far, PvE players can take the armors, items, and pets into PvP to show off. PvP and PvE players can wear their titles in either side of the game. Now with tomes you can unlock skills and then access them in PvE. However, that's pretty much it. There are many ways you could join up PvE and PvP.

  • Make PvP more accessible to PvE
    • (1) Give PvE characters the ability to make PvP equipment, except that PvP equipment can't be used in PvE. Making PvP equipment moves PvE equipment into inventory so you don't lose it by accident.
    • (2) Also allow PvE characters to create PvP equipment using skins they are using (e.g. "Use current skin" option), so they can for example make a PvP-only FoW armor with any unlocked mods.
    • (3) Allow PvE players to access any unlocked skill in PvP. Those skills will be locked again once returning in PvE.
  • Give more incentives for PvE players to PvP
    • (1) Give PvP playing more ways to generate PvE-benefits. So far, unlocking skills for use with heroes and tomes is the only real PvE advantage of doing PvP. They could also, at the cost of faction, generate customized items for use in PvE using any unlocked mods.
    • (2) Make PvP give gold and XP to PvE'ers.
    • (3) Provide early access to heroes you missed due to poor choice. For example, if I didn't take Masters of Whispers when I had a chance, I could unlock it using PvP.
  • Give incentives for PvP players to PvE
    • (1) So far, the only reason for PvP players to PvE is to get unique skins and pets not available in PvP. Beyond that, it's easier to unlock via PvP than via PvE. Make PvE accomplishments give a bonus to how fast you accumulate faction (or a discount when you spend it), and provide some faction-sinks for PvP players. More things to unlock is a start, but eventually you'd want something they can keep putting faction in. Like titles you can buy using faction, e.g. Devotion to each of the 5 Gods (plus Legendary Devotee for maxing all 5).

Finally, make some game areas blends between PvP and PvE... but that's going to be in GW2.

A Summoner Class[edit]

  • A Summoner Class that can pre-cast his (small) army, and is actively involved in controlling his army / fighting instead of having to constantly heal them.
  • Primary attribute: reduces upkeep costs of army, so you can cast more of them
  • Attribute 2: golem (max of 1 golem per caster)
  • Attribute 3: familiars (max number based on upkeep costs)
  • Attribute 4: spells (support, direct attacks, etc)
  • Both golem and familiar attributes include skills to buff them, to heal them, to cast a few different types of them, and to make them attack with special skills.
  • Balance works by taking a % off your max energy (upkeed), with primary attribute decreasing the % taken off.

Insectoid Race, playable in GW2[edit]

  • Appearance: praying mantis
  • Armor: exoskeleton parts
  • Race-specific skills: snares (e.g. cripple attack with front legs, webs) and speed boosts (wings show, but too large for flight)


Mix account-based and character-based titles whenever possible

Why? Account-based reward players independently of which character was used to gain the title, thus rewarding single-character and multi-character players equally. However, they are too few and often require too long to accomplish with relatively little skill.

How? As an example, if Protector was mixed and you gained the title with you Dervish but not your Ranger, it would display on the ranger as "Sibling of Protector of Tyria".

  • A title is account-based if:
    • the work can be done using any character: Drunkard, Sweet tooth, and Wisdom titles fit the description.
    • it requires unlocking skills, which wastes time and resources on duplicate efforts: Skill Hunter and UAX (if it ever is implemented).
    • it is grind-based: Friends of the ..., Sunspear, Lightbringer. Perhaps a minimum could be set per character, just like Luxon and Kurzick faction was account-based but required you to get to the areas to reap any benefit.
  • A titles is mixed if
    • achievements are fairly easily replicable using other characters if you could make it with one, such as titles that are normally achieved using a balanced group, should be mixed. Protector, Vanquisher, and Cartographer fit the description.
  • A title is character-based if:
    • it shows an accomplishment not easily replicable using other professions: Only Survivor fits the description here, because it is harder to get it using a caster-class than using a Paragon.

How many? Mixed titles would count towards the maxed titles, which would either be account-based or mixed. Repeats (e.g. achieving Protector on several characters) either do not count or count for less than 1 each. For example, if I get Protector of Tyria twice on the account, it would count as 1 or 1.2 or 1.5 maxed titles (not 2).


It's been said before, but it needs to be said again. Skills to reduce aggro, reduce visibility to human eyes / radar, and counters. It adds elements of strategy and suspence.

All races - all professions motto[edit]

You should be able to combine all races with all primary professions, and you should have good reasons to do so. I loved being a Night Elf in the WoW trial, but I couldn't be that class that summons demons with that race. I much preferred the "Pick any two professions" model of GW, especially with their money back guarantee (switch the secondary anytime). Each race should have incentives to combine with any professions. For example, the Norn shape-shifting should include animal forms useful to spell casters.

Play-style choices[edit]

GW has amazing diversity in play-style offered, which you can only appreciate by trying them out. Each is balanced and fun. I can choose how I spend most of my time. My choice. Keep it that way.

  • I'm all for persistent world & casual PvP, I think they'll be great additions, both of which I will spend much time enjoying I am sure. But whenever possible, give me a choice. Perhaps I can cross the same area via instance with a group of henchs, or via a mission, or via a persistent version of the same area. Have the instance reflect the current state of the persistent world.

Steal the "monster play" feature from LOTRO[edit]

Feature to combine any skin with any attributes & weapon mods[edit]

I love the armor insigna & rune model, the weapon with their two parts, etc. But sometimes you have restrictions on what you can extract and combine.

Level cap in GW2[edit]

  • Perhaps you get more attribute points, but they still cap at 12. That way, you can eventually max more than 2 attributes at high level, yet those skills are no better than players who have maxed only that attribute.


Trade hall[edit]

Auction House

NPC merchants for all simple items[edit]

Miniatures, weapon upgrades, etc.

Secret area[edit]

Diablo 2 has the secret cow level. Dungeon siege has the chickens. The GW team need to act now before we run out of farm animals !!! I'm suggesting a secret level with a few different types of animals, one per profession.

Some suggestions: Chicken (W), Porcupine (R), Cow (Mo), Pladipus (Me), Fish either walking or floating (E), Crow (N), Racoon (A), Cobra (Rt), Skunk (P), Ferret (D).

Of course, some of them would be tamable, so you could get your own :)

Hall of Monuments[edit]

Fun things to put in: status armor (endgame, 15k, etc), minis, gold, perfect / endgame items, festival hats. You should be able to keep using those items in GW1, except that you can't trade them once you put them in. Gold would work as a one-way deposit towards credits (not towards GW2 gold).

  • Regarding titles:
    • Some titles you should be able to wear in GW2 (e.g. Descendent of survivor, of protector of ..., etc)
    • Some titles you should be able to carry with you and continue in GW2 (e.g. PvP rank, maxed titles, etc)
    • Some titles you should have the option to trade in for goodies (more below)
  • Regarding what you get back:
    • You should have some choices in what you get for your efforts. A credit system would be best: some items and titles automatically gives you credits, whereas others you can choose to keep as is or to trade in. The credits you get allow you to purchase special items only available through the Hall of Monuments.

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