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Here are some Guild Wars suggestions I have. (And possibly some supporting claims.)


Having to warp to the main town of each continent before warping elsewhere on that map is stupid. It wastes tons of time, especially loading crowded areas. It also splits up parties of 8 (Kamadan and Lion's Arch).

  • Place tabs at the top of the world map interface so we can just change to the correct map and warp directly where we need to go.
  • Or, add something like a "Favorite Locations" window players can add places to and click to be warped directly there.

You might even save some server load this way.

Something else that might be nice would be the ability to just warp outside of the town, since you would require the load to get into the outpost, then to get into the area beyond. Perhaps a separate tab that would show you which areas it would take you into (at the portal, of course)? 02:33, 19 October 2009 (UTC)


Trading ecto and zkeys as currency is getting old. Can anyone say "Stone of Jordan"?

  • Allow characters to carry up to 999k, and allow trading up to 999k between players.
  • Or, have a merchant sell some kind of item that resells for the same as its cost, like a money order.


  • Allow players to change their existing character name, face, hair, height, or even gender for in-game or real-world money. Woohoo!
  • An additional /command or character window tab showing more statistics, here are some examples:
    • Monsters killed by race.
    • Total damage taken.
    • Bosses killed.
    • Arena/GvG/HA opponents killed.
    • Opposing faction members killed.
    • Tomes read.
    • Money spent at NPCs.
    • Number of quests completed, or review completed quests.
    • Top 5 most-used skills.
    • Number of emotes used.

Weapons and Armor[edit]

  • Dyeable Blindfolds.
  • Make the weapon and armor skins from Tolkano unlockable, permanent additions to the PvP equipment menu. PvP characters were designed to be disposable, no?
  • Change Prophecies and Factions drops to include inscriptions.

Equipment Packs[edit]

User Albrect Karew Bag suggest.JPG

Hotkeys and Interface[edit]

  • Add a hotkey that will release all maintained enchantments, or will release the most recent one cast.
  • Allow CTRL-clicking on items on the Damage Monitor to announce them. "I was struck by Ride the Lightning, two times!"
  • Allow copy-and-paste out of the guild history.
  • /time command to return the current time in UTC or PST (PST is where ArenaNet is located).
  • Have a message appear on the chat log when a new rank in a title has been reached. Ex. "You have attained the rank of Seeker of Wisdom for identifying 100 rare items."
  • Add a function for ID Kits, such as triple or quadruple clicking them that pops up a dialog asking if we would like to identify everything in our inventory that is unidentified, and also displays how many charges of the kit would be used to do so.
  • Announce in orange text that the map for AB has changed if a party is still standing in the old lobby; also stop their waiting timer. "The conflict has moved to Ancestral Lands. Please change districts to continue the battle".
  • The "lord damage" mechanic needs its own graph on the Score Chart.
  • Display the number of Hero Skill Points a character has earned in the Hero pane.
  • NPCs need their own chat channel. A channel you can turn off.


  • Make skill icons for all monster skills, instead of using the default one. Update their descriptions to actually show what they do. Especially change commonly encountered skills such as Wurm Siege, Claim Resource, Deafening Roar, and Oath of Healing. Claim Resource needs to actually be split into several skills, especially one for the Ghostly Hero.
  • Fix all Environmental Effects that are wrongly labeled as "Spells", like Tar.