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I have given up, ill still play every so often, but i quit. Anet has killed it, they refuse to fix the roots, and just add in nerfs, soon the best skills will be Bane Signet, and flare.... thay cant nerf those anymore?, can they? Goodbye Gw ill miss you. GIVE ME BACK shadow fang with no aftercast!

Oh, and i love putting delete tags on pages. i wish i could for ALL of Anets Fails.

User Warior kronos tsunami.jpg Ursan is destroying PvE with the speed of a Tsunami wreaking havoc on a small village in a third world country on the coast during Hurricane season.
Assassin-tango-icon-200.png This user is an Assassin by nature.
Flashing Blades.jpg This user wishes more PvE groups accepted Assassins.
Elementalist 40.png This user has completed all three campaigns.
Assassins.jpg This users PvP Character specializes in killing Assasins everything.
Disrupting Dagger.jpg This user throws things at people.
Energy Blast.jpg This user like the pretty colour of Napalm.
Demonic Flesh.jpg RAAAAAAAAAA! So, I heard you liek Mudkips Raptors.
Assassin-faded-large.png This users lvl is 528