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In game Armitage Newmark [SoF]
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PvE This user enjoys PvE.
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This is my Sandbox

Used to test any updates done on my main user page, as well as general fiddling.

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About Me

Myself ...

  • My name is Chris.
  • I live in Sydney, Australia.
  • Enjoys long walks along the beach.

Gaming ...

  • Have been playing Guild Wars for about a year now.
  • Thoroughly enjoy Lineage 2, and try to balance the time.
  • Try to learn a bit more about the wiki, and contribute when I can, under the tutelage of Bex.
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My characters
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Design & Friends
Userpage Design: Anja AstorLensor
Friends Forever: BeXoRScourge
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Funniest web comic around.
"Knock, Knock"
"Whose the-"
"The interrupting Mesmer!"