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Hey this is my Necro, Shuriko The Medjai, also known as an underling of Kiliani the Medjai(User:Wizard Of Orden).
Necromancer Shuriko The Medjai
Wail of Doom.jpg Wail of Doom is Shuriko The Medjai's favorite Elite skill.
Well of Blood.jpg Well of Blood is Shuriko The Medjai's favorite skill.
User Aventos gw008.jpg
Favorite Builds:
Template Code: X
Jaundiced Gaze.jpg
Well of Blood.jpg
Life Siphon.jpg
Vampiric Gaze.jpg
Insidious Parasite.jpg
Unholy Feast.jpg
Plague Signet.jpg
Healing Breeze.jpg

Rotting Flesh.jpg
Vile Miasma.jpg
Insidious Parasite.jpg
Deathly Swarm.jpg
Life Siphon.jpg
Plague Signet.jpg
Healing Breeze.jpg
Shuriko is a pupil of Kiliani. Even though he has much to learn from him, he is far more gifted then most average necros. He is a young and naive necro but has more knowledge of Soul Reaping than you ever will...... !Necromancer
  • Secondary
  • Level 20, Canthan
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: Average
  • Created: May 2008
  • Experience: Soul Reaper
  • Age: Unkown
  • Weapons:
  • Hale Staff of Defense
  • Pet:
  • None
  • Miniature:
    • ‎1st Year
  • None
  • My Favorite Heroes:

MasterOfWhispers-icon.jpg Livia-icon.jpg Olias-icon.jpg

  • Titles:

  • Goals:
  • Attain Norn Armor
  • Attain Canthan Protecter
  • Attain Canthan Guardian
  • Attain Canthan Vanquisher