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These are things that I know I would want to change either in the current game or the upcoming GW2.

Superior ID Kit[edit]

Why not increase the functionality of this little blessing just a tad more with this idea:

Double Click; Click on Bag to Identify all items in bag. Note: Consumes one use per item identified in this way, can not identify more items than uses would normally allow.

Personally I identify just about everything, and double click, click, double click, click, double click, click, gets boring, and is sort of a waste of my gaming time...especially when coding could make this task simpler.

As a side note: We've all done the math, (it wasn't hard) we all know it costs more per use...frankly is the cost offset by the convenience of only having one rather than four? We probably all sigh and buy them anyway...

Quest Log on Main Map[edit]

Can we get some sort of Quest Log overlay on the main map? The little 'U' map works amazingly if you don't mind the hassle of dragging it to one corner, resizing, figuring out which quests stack, or group, or where you want to go, then resizing it AGAIN, and then dragging it back to it home (for me in the lower right hand corner), and then opening the main map to port there.

I happen to like the big full screen map more than the little u map (thought the U map serves a function too)...PLUS I can port with the big why can't I see my Quests there?

Selecting NPC vs Players - Priorities in an Outpost/Town[edit]

This is the situation: I walk in a town. I hold down my key to find the Xunlai Chest. I try to click on it, but a horde of Character names comes flying up from everyone gathered around the chest. Really? Can we get that fixed. I'm looking for the merch, or the chest, or the armor guy, not user 'XXII Forty And Your Mom IIXX' who is selling who knows what while doing some weird dance.

Little Thom[edit]

Can we somehow correct the glitch that kicks him out of the group after every mission, or town port? It's annoying to have to add him back every time. Easy fix...don't play with him (I KNOW)...correct choice: Fix the glitch.

Login and Character Selection[edit]

I also feel that it would be nice to be able to switch back and forth between the old login and character selection screens as seen in this post. I just found out about the suggestions page recently, so now I'm adding my vote.

Personal Story - Character Creation - GW2[edit]

I like the idea of having questions about my past. PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE THEM AT CHARACTER CREATION. I want to spend time tweaking the way the character looks, and then get into the world and play. NOW, I could just randomly choose some options to let that happen quickly and smoothly or you could find a way to integrate the questions into the actual game. I.e. Someone walks up to you and says "Hey I haven't seen you in awhile. How is everything? Your folks?" To which you reply, "I never knew my parents." or whatever. Make a choice as an integrated part of the game, disguised if you will.

But then I have no clue how GW2 interaction with NPCs will take place. If there isn't an option to respond via an interface, then it would be interesting to try and implement this suggestion.

Auction House - GW2[edit]

We all know it would be a good idea. May suck to implement but PLEASE do us the favor.

1) We all hate standing around trying to sell our stuff. This would let us leave it somewhere to do it for us. 2) We all hate asking for a price check. And can often not be aware of how much something is worth.

Now I know a few downsides are that traditionally the object is no longer in your inventory which means, it's additional storage and data space. Well, as true as that is, just limit how many items can be listed at a time per character or per account. If the Xunlai Storage continues to be the banking system in GW2, then create the Xunlai Auction house too.

An Additional Feature of the Auction House could be to allow the NPC Merchants to bid on the items too. That way you at least get the best merchant value during the listing.

You may also need to set up a rule regarding rescinding a listing. Perhaps simply imposing a fee. That way people don't keep an item listed until doomsday trying to get the best Merchant price ever known to man. Of course this may not be an issue if the number of items able to be listed is limited, and possibly low. Personally I was thinking in the range of a Bag , so no more than 10 items per account.