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Character Selection Screen[edit]

The Character Selection Screen has seen several serious updates, since the first version. It holds the Player's characters, Account Options, Entrance to the Online Store and announced every player when a new expansion was on the way.

Since there won't be any more expansions, and the "Eye of the North" hype is long over (Even the Login Screen no longer says "Eye of the North" anymore), perhaps it would be a good idea to enable a sort of Custom Character Selection Screen?

Under "Edit account", players could select their favourite Selection screen:

Prophecies character selection screen.jpg Prophecies
Factions-Era CSS Factions
Nightfall-Era CSS Nightfall
The Eye of the North CSS Eye of the North


  • The nostalgia that comes from seeing the selection screen you had in front of you the day you first started playing. (Priceless)
  • As I believe that the selection screen is programmed within the client itself, a minor update should do the trick. If this is true then:
    • No extra server capacity would need to be used as the type of screen is stored on the player's computer.


  • The older selection screens would need some cleanup, in order to work with the current client.
  • If my assumption that the selection screen is programmed within the client itself proves untrue, then weird things could start happening as it dit during the April 23rd 2009 Update (my birthday btw :P) while the system changed, and the servers could get a heavy time processing the vast amount of players trying different Character Selection Screens.
  • If you grant us players this little update it won't be long before some of those little buggers will start screaming for a custom login screen. :P

I hope you find this contribution to be meaningfull,

AidanReed 08:24, 16 August 2009 (UTC)

Update: It would be a better idea to place the option under the General Options, accesible by pressing the F11 key. AidanReed 20:56, 18 August 2009 (UTC)