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User AidanReed Aidan-Header.png
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Aidan Reed
Level: 20
Gender: Male
Professions: Ranger Ranger / Ritualist Ritualist
Homeland: Ascalon (Prophecies)
Allegiance: Kurzick
Yes, I wear Elite Canthan armor.
Campaigns Finished
User Troy Frostwind BeatProphecies.jpgUser Troy Frostwind BeatFactions.jpgUser Troy Frostwind BeatNightfall.jpgUser Troy Frostwind NeedEoTN.jpgMedal of Honor.pngWedding Headpiece f.pngImperial Dragon's Tear.png
Expertise: 14
Beast Mastery: 0
Marksmanship: 12
Wilderness Survival: 1
Channeling Magic: 10
Communing: 0
Restoration Magic: 0
Slayer of All (10)
Secret Agent (10)
Spearmarshal (9)
Steward of the Kurzicks (6)
Protector of Tyria (1)
Protector of Cantha (1)
Protector of Elona (1)
Tyrian Vanquisher (1)

I just reached the status of "Kind of a Big Deal"
About Me
I protect her with my life if necessary, for her purpose is far more important than my own.
  • Created: 16 August, 2007
  • Guild: Ethereal Light of Dwayna
  • Goal Completed on 15/01/2010: Setting foot in the Hall of Heroes
"I Am The Strongest!".jpg
"I Am The Strongest!"
Splinter Weapon.jpg
Splinter Weapon
Distracting Shot.jpg
Distracting Shot
Disrupting Shot.jpg
Disrupting Shot
Ebon Vanguard Sniper Support.jpg
Ebon Vanguard Sniper Support
Ebon Escape.jpg
Ebon Escape
Flesh of My Flesh.jpg
Flesh of My Flesh