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This page includes my personal suggestions for additions to Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2.

Guild Wars Suggestions[edit]

Item Trading[edit]

It would be helpful if there was a post or storage inbox feature that allowed characters to leave items for other characters, especially in guild halls.


An additional Equipment slot could be added for PvE only items with strong status effects without affecting the PvP balance. The new items could be accessories like rings and necklaces that might not require additional character art.


  1. It would be nice if guilds received gifts in their guild hall on the anniversary of the guild creation date in a similar fashion to character birthdays.
  2. It would also enhance the guild atmosphere of the game if there were stronger incentives for players to join established guilds rather than creating their own guilds. Such incentives could come in the form of items, skills, buffs, services, discounts, titles, emotes, or heroes & henchmen.
  3. Make the guild name a possible inscription for inscribable items with the corresponding bonus chosen from a list by the guild leader.
  4. Guild halls should be given a community chest where gold and items could be stored for anyone in the guild to draw from.
  5. Guilds should have a reputation component in the PvE aspects of the game such as a fame or reputation system that could affect quests or quest rewards.

Guild Wars 2 Suggestions[edit]


It may be too late in the development cycle for the initial campaign, but it would be great if there was a contest to design a race or profession for Guild Wars 2.