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About Me[edit]

The Lonely Mission

I don't know if any of you are playing original Guild Wars at the moment, but it is dead. Those who do play cling on to 2 american districts in either Lions Arch or Kamadan, hanging on to any hope of playing the game.

This is a disaster for me. After a little break from the game after achieving "People Know Me", I wanted to return to max a few more titles. Then, conveniently Guild Wars 2 was released. Now as I'm not the most active player at the moment, I see no reason why I should buy a new game if I'm not going to play it. Hence, I am dedicated to "preserving my memories" of Guild Wars 1.

The game being virtually inactive has another bummer-I want to max titles such as vanquisher and guardian, which traditionally require additional parties (at least with me, anyway). I was also hoping to engage in PvP. However, everyone I remember from the game is inactive or disappeared to the future, as it were in game. This is going to make it incredibly difficult.

Hence, i am embarking on the Lonely Mission.

If anyone is left on this game, please add Mr Freebies to your friends list and talk. I'd be happy to talk. Thanks for reading. --Burning Freebies 11:41, 26 October 2012 (PDT)

Guild Wars[edit]

I have been playing the game for since October 2006 as a PvE player.
Nowadays i'm working on maxing as many titles as possible-10 and counting, very soon to be 13.

Contact Me[edit]

You can reach me through User talk:Burning_Freebies on this wiki.

You can also reach me in game: Mr Freebies/ Chef Freebies/ General Freebies/ Elder Freebies/ Dj Freebies

Please visit my brand new website relaunching the Freebies campaign!->

My projects[edit]

If you see me ingame, what am I doing? Maybe this will help you find out:

  • Title farming. I've currently maxed 9 titles, in that quest for the ellusive KoaBD title track. I'm planning to max the Elite skill title tracks, followed by EOTN reputation titles, Cartographer, Guardian and then probably the sweet tooth/party animal/drunkard titles. I can't see myself trying Vanquisher until doing this, and i really cant see myself doing adventurer of the north track.
  • Enjoying events. They bring minigames, fun finales and many, many freebies, so if its the Canthan New Year, Dragon Festival, Wintersday or Halloween, expect to see me in one of the towns. Or farming.
  • Farming. I'm pretty poor (i feel it when looking at people's armour sets and minis...) so I have to make up for it all by farming extensively. Well, until i find a better way to farm...


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