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About Me[edit]

The Lonely Mission

I don't know if any of you are playing original Guild Wars at the moment, but it is dead. Those who do play cling on to 2 american districts in either Lions Arch or Kamadan, hanging on to any hope of playing the game.

This is a disaster for me. After a little break from the game after achieving "People Know Me", I wanted to return to max a few more titles. Then, conveniently Guild Wars 2 was released. Now as I'm not the most active player at the moment, I see no reason why I should buy a new game if I'm not going to play it. Hence, I am dedicated to "preserving my memories" of Guild Wars 1.

The game being virtually inactive has another bummer-I want to max titles such as vanquisher and guardian, which traditionally require additional parties (at least with me, anyway). I was also hoping to engage in PvP. However, everyone I remember from the game is inactive or disappeared to the future, as it were in game. This is going to make it incredibly difficult.

Hence, i am embarking on the Lonely Mission.

If anyone is left on this game, please add Mr Freebies to your friends list and talk. I'd be happy to talk. Thanks for reading. --Burning Freebies 11:41, 26 October 2012 (PDT)