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A nice feature about world of warcraft, and I really hate comparing the two games - since world of warcraft has stolen so many ideas from guild wars would be a feature to map out locations by a longitude/latitude type system. Maybe down to 10th of a decimal, considering the land areas here in GW's are rather sizeable - especially in view of all the expansions. Maybe this is a feature that will be added to GW2. Certainly it would speed up finding things, the drawback might be the fun of exploring and trying to find things on your own. This however, is to a degree thwarted when you can pull up a wiki page with a map that pretty much "points" at the subject of interest. Just an idea, not complaining about GW's and the great job with graphics and play ability. More just a suggestion that might be useful. Counterpoints to the idea (I'm certain) could easily come to mind. cecil 13:33, 15 March 2009 (UTC)