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Game Mechanics[edit]

Ctrl and Alt behaviour (esp. in towns)[edit]

Currently Ctrl brings up all human interactables in town, and enemy interactables in explorable areas. Alt brings up non-human interactables in town, plus non-enemy interactables in explorable areas.

I suggest modifying each to suppress the other's effect. That is, when holding Alt in town, it would be useful to suppress human names, as I am obviously searching for and trying to click on an NPC's name.

As a possible extension, make it so clicks ignore objects not brought up by the corresponding button. I just finished What Must Be Done again, reminding me how annoying it is to try and click on enemies with a giant devourer obscuring your view. If holding Ctrl made it so clicks assumed I wanted an enemy target, it wouldn't matter how large/nearby NPCs and allies were. I suspect healers/support players would appreciate this from the Alt side, unless they prefer to click on the redbars.

Tome usage[edit]

Allow tomes to be used regardless of your current secondary class, as long as you have unlocked that class on the character. There's not much point in switching back and forth on the secondary when it's just as easy to check if a secondary is unlocked as it is to check if it's your current secondary.

Character Age[edit]

Show character creation date with the /age command.

Hero AI[edit]


Currently, caster classes will run straight to the frontline to use PBAoE skills, whether they are equipped with survival measures or not. However, some PBAoE skills work well as defensive measures in the event that enemies get close and would be nice to have (Frozen Burst for one). I suggest modifying the AI for PBAoE to only run into battle if wielding a melee weapon (which they'll be doing anyway). Otherwise, assume it's meant for defensive reasons and only use it if approached by an enemy.


Heroes and henchmen currently will travel much further to use resurrection skills than they are normally allowed. If they are flagged in place and set on defend, they will still tend to run far beyond the aggro bubble range to use resurrection skills when in combat (they stand still when not in combat, but when enemies approach they will leave to resurrect). Furthermore, this seems to be a high priority action, and they will attempt it despite targets in range being called, or allies needing healing, etc. Resurrection should be limited in the same way as other skills -- if set on defend and flagged, no traveling outside of the aggro bubble.